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Why Yoga?

Why Yoga?

The Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of yoga can mean that your body becomes more toned, flexible and strong whilst improving stamina and enhanced athleticism. The body’s circulatory and respiratory system function more efficiently and the nervous and immune system can become stronger.  Yoga can also be a fantastic pain reliever. This physical well being can enable us to cope more efficiently in an ever more stressful world.

The Mental Benefits

Yoga can help you to quiet the mind more easily and be able to focus your energy. It can help you to relax more easily and can improve the way you handle stressful situations in your life. Yoga can encourage positive thoughts and actions, breaks through negative thought processes and encourages peace, balance and self awareness.

The spiritual benefits

Yoga can help to build more awareness of your body, your feelings and the world around you bringing calmer more peaceful attitudes to you. Yoga encourages harmony between your mind body and spirit and a promotes a sense of inner and outer peace.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a yoga mat for your class?
No you do not need a yoga mat, we provide mats, blocks and straps for you.
However the more yoga you do the more you might find that you may wish to get your own mat that is more suited to you and that you can take with you on your yoga journey.

Not sure where to buy a mat?
Please have a look at my links page for some good suppliers. 

Where can I buy yoga equipment?
Many shops sell yoga equipment, these are a few suppliers that I would recommend.

I’m pregnant can I still come to your class?

Unfortunately if you are pregnant and haven’t been to Leyla's class before your pregnancy,  Leyla’s regular classes are not suitable for you. Please do email us for other pregnancy yoga class recommendations we would be happy to help. At the moment Leyla does not offer pregnancy one to one sessions.

Do I need to have done yoga before?

No you do not need to have done yoga before, all classes are an open level, so modifications will be given so that there is always a suitable option available for you. Just bring yourself and have a go.

Will yoga involve a lot of sitting around and chanting?

Chanting is a part of yoga and being able to sit in postures and find stillness is also part of yoga. Whether you decide to chant in class is entirely up to you, whatever feels right to you.Vinyasa flow style yoga involves a lot of movement and Leyla's classes are in a dynamic style so there will be more moving than sitting.